The Regimental Headquarters and the Royal School of Military Engineering are in Chatham in Kent, England. View All Events. Records of Royal Engineers from other sources. Library contains an ever growing number diary entries, personal letters and other documents, transcribed into plain text. The Royal Engineers have introduced new technology to the British  Army throughout their history including diving, telegraphy and the  development of the tank. View this object . To become a Bomb Disposal Engineer, members must complete soldier or officer training, Combat Engineer Training, and in the case of soldiers, trade training. The 8th Railway Company landed in France in August 1914 and the 10th and two Special Reserve Companies in November of that year. Between 1820's-1856 soldiers of the Corps of  Royal Sappers and Miners assisted officers of the Corps of Royal  Engineers in survey duties in the British Isles and elsewhere in the  British Empire. If you have any unwanted (d.23rd Mar 1947), Wilkins Thomas James. (d.17th June 1940), Filmer Albert William. Next page: Regiments - Major Units, © Copyright 2007-2015 - Alan Young and © Copyright 2015-2021 - Merlin Jones Drvr. 27th Oct 2020 - Please note we currently have a large backlog of submitted material, our volunteers are working through this as quickly as possible and all names, stories and photos will be added to the site. The Corps Of Royal Engineers . We are also looking for volunteers to help with the website. Add a Name to this List Groups. The Digital Museum. WW1 Royal Engineers Corps (George V) Cap Badge £14.99. Royal Engineers in the Second World War, The Wartime Memories Project. The Wartime Memories Project - Royal Engineers during the Second World War - Allied Forces Index . Previous page: Independent Squadrons Records of Royal Engineers from other sources. Unlike most corps and regiments, in which the upper age limit was 25, men could enlist in the Royal Engineers up to 30 years of age. Their establishments were as follows The army set in motion plans to expand upon the remaining rail network still in Allied hands in France and Flanders. Learning Service 01634 … The Royal Engineers in The Zulu War. Property Value; dbo:abstract This is a list of known United States Engineer Regiments in existence at the time of World War II. (d.27th May 1944). Add to Basket. We also use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. Add to Basket. Royal Engineers The Royal Engineers, or Sappers as they are known, have blazed a trail of innovation and achievement through history. 1st King's Dragoon Guards 2. Royal Engineers Staybrite Anodised Cap Badge - Staybright £4.99. Royal Engineers. 8th King's Royal Iri… Add to Basket. Typical terms of enlistment for the regiment changed over the years. Helping people find out more about their relatives wartime experiences since 1999 by In the  early days both Royal Engineers and Royal Sappers and Miners trained as  deep water divers. The Royal Cipher within the Garter, the whole enclosed in a laurel wreath; on top of the Garter, a crown; on the lower portion of the laurel wreath, a scroll inscribed Royal Engineers. The engineer support for the Army is provided by the Corps of Royal Engineers (RE). Follow Us. Upcoming Events. WW2 Royal Engineers … Artillery Regiments Page. Il s'agit aujourdhui d'une armée professionnelle, qui ne fait donc pas appel à la conscription. Le quartier général des régiments de l'ingénierie militaire est situé à Chatham, dans le Kent, en Angleterre. Visit Our Online Catalogue. Royal Engineers Corps Collar Badge £3.49. The daily operational record of the Field Company is its war diary. The Wartime Memories Project will give them a good home and ensure that they are used for educational purposes. The Great War was the first conflict in which motorcycle Despatch Riders played any sort of role in battlefield signals. The 1313th was at the Battle of the Bulge as a part of the US First Army. It is responsible for maintaining, recovering and repairing tanks, vehicles, weapons and equipment. Inspection of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers at Honiton Camp, 1952. The Royal Engineers were formed in a very different way before the 1960s and this site would become impossibly difficult to navigate if I tried to re-create all those individual units. Engineer Regiment (Geographic) provides field deployable geographic support to Defence. recording and preserving recollections, documents, photographs and small items. photographs, documents or items from the First or Second World War, please do not destroy them. Originally called Sappers and Miners, the name Sappers has stuck with the Royal Engineers throughout their history. She drives two different types of armoured vehicles, spends time with the Army Youth Outreach Team and is an accomplished horse rider. If you are enjoying the site, please consider making a donation, however small By continuing to use this site you agree to accept cookies. The term Sappers originates from the trenches or 'saps' which engineers were employed to build towards enemy positions to allow the placing and detonating of … 1939 1. Le corps est divisé en plusieurs régiments, … The Corps of Royal Engineers, usually just called the Royal Engineers (RE), and commonly known as the Sappers, is a corps of the British Army. Once being selected for a Bomb Disposal Course, a soldier or officer will take a four week course learning how to recognise different types of bomb and how to dispose of them. Royal Engineers, 166th Railway Construction Coy. 3rd The King's Own Hussars 6. The third Special Reserve Company landed in Febr… Diving as one of the Corps 'specialist' activities was introduced in  1838 by Colonel (later General Sir) Charles Pasley (1780-1861). Like this page to receive our updates. At the outset of WW2, the maintenance and repair of equipment was largely in the hands of individual Regiments and several of the then extant Corps.Such as the Royal Army Ordinance Corps, the Royal Army Service Corps, Royal Engineers and so on. Add to Basket. Royal Engineers, 239th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers, 245th (Welsh) Field Company, Royal Engineers, 249th (Airborne) Field Company, Royal Engineers, 254th (West Lancashire) Field Park Company, Royal Engineers, 284th Armoured Assault Squadron, Royal Engineers, 286th (Airborne) Field Park Company, Royal Engineers, 291st Army Troops Company, Royal Engineers, 292nd Army Field Company, Royal Engineers, 508th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers, 579 (Kent Fortress) Field Coy, Royal Engineers, 591st Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers, 603rd Railway Construction Company, Royal Engineers, 607th Railway Construction Company, Royal Engineers, 622nd Construction Company, Royal Engineers, 624th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers, 698th General Construction Company, Royal Engineers, 701 Gen Construction Coy. please If you have already submitted a story to the site and your UID reference number is higher than 254107 your information is still in the queue, please do not resubmit without contacting us first. WW1 Royal Engineers Corps (George V) Cap Badge £14.99. 4th Queen's Own Hussars 7. Engineer Regiments and Squadrons List of field engineer regiments and squadrons, with links to their lineages and operational histories. In particular, this site is designed to help those sappers with common interests and experiences to connect, by being easily able to find each other. (d.27th Sept 1944), Turner Kenneth John. Each day we will be exploring a different aspect of the landings, otherwise known as Operation Overlord. This is part of the Canadian Armed Forces "Official Lineages" reference guide: Volume 3, Part 1: Armour, Artillery and Field Engineer Regiments. This British Army unit was established in 1942. Royal Engineers, 153rd Railway Operating Company, Royal Engineers, 159th Railway Construction Coy. Serjeant (d.24th April 1945), Stuart William. A Corps of Engineers was formed in 1717. They trained at the Royal Engineers Depot in Chatham or the RE Mounted Depot at Aldershot WW2, RE's as they did in WW1, maintained the railways, roads, water supply, bridges and transport etc'. 1st Assault (Engineer) Regiment, Royal Engineers, 1st Railway Construction and Maintenance Group, 5th Railway Operating Coy. Survey, began in 1747, was the first of the Royal Engineers  'specialist' activities. Royal Engineers, 5th Railway Construction and Maintenance Group, 40th (Sherwood Foresters) Anti-Aircraft Battalion, Royal Engineers, 47th (Durham Light Infantry) AA Battalion, Royal Engineers, 47th Anti-Aircraft Battalion, Royal Engineers, 53rd Bomb Disposal Company, Royal Engineers, 61st Chemical Warfare Company, Royal Engineers, 86th Chemical Warfare Company, Royal Engineers, 100th Field Coy (Royal Monmouthshire), Royal Engineers, 1018 Docks Operating Company, Royal Engineers, No 1046 Port Operating Company, Royal Engineers, 1047th Port Construction Coy. This website uses cookies. View this object . please consider making a donation. Cracknell Harold. If you have any unwanted photographs, documents or items from the First or Second World War, please do not destroy them. If you have a general question please post it on our Facebook page. The information on this post has been compiled as a result of examining service records in WO 97 (online with Findmypast) and WO 363 and WO 364 (online with Ancestry). 75 years on from the D-Day landings, we look back at the Royal Engineer’s role in this pivotal episode in history. Celui-ci s'occupe du génie de combat : génie militaire, ingénierie et aides techniques diverses aux forces armées britanniques. This is a list of units of the British Army's Royal Engineers. From the earliest developments in military aviation, signaling and  and tank warfare to the very latest bridging systems and map making  techniques, the Sappers have operated at the cutting edge of technology  and frequently in the most inhospitable conditions. Contact . 1313th Engineer General Service Regiment: The 1313th Engineer General Service Regiment, manned by Black soldiers was in Germany at the end of the war. The Wartime Memories Project is a non profit organisation run by volunteers. Regiments and Corps Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Want to find out more about your relative's service? 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales's Dragoon Guards) 4. Royal Engineers Building Bridges in Afghanistan. I'm proud to be the first female Armoured Engineer Lance Corporal Victoria - Corps of Royal Engineers Lance Corporal Victoria joined the Army in 2013 and trained to be an Armoured Engineer. These researchers are not affiliated to the Royal Engineers Museum, and we cannot take any responsibility for any arrangements that you may make with them. Royal Engineers, 979th Inland Waterway Transport Coy, Royal Engineers. They are held at the National Archives but many are now digitised and available online. The hardcover is available now for … Since then it  has lived up to its Motto 'Ubique' ('Everywhere'), having had a  significant presence at every large-scale battle the British Army has  ever fought. Previous; 1; Next; Royal Engineers Staybrite Anodised Cap Badge - Staybright £4.99. Once you find the Division in the tables below, click on “Order of Battle of Divisions” in the Links area to find the full structure and history of that Divisi… For more information please see our page on. Royal Engineers 7th Field Regiment WW2 My father Eric Day was a regular soldier for 25 years in the Royal Engineers 7th Field Regiment and as a result I have his Army Service Record, but it only lists general details of where he was during WW2. Twitter . Today's Ordnance Survey was developed from the early  Royal Engineers survey activities. Winter War: Royal Engineer Despatch Rider 1915. Filter by: Price. Royal Engineers & Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers . ContinueMore info. January 4 - January 31. 7th Queen's Own Hussars 9. If the information here has been helpful or you have enjoyed reaching the stories please conside making a donation, no matter how small, would be much appreciated, annually we need to raise enough funds to pay for our web hosting or this site will vanish from the web. This site is powered by CMS Made Simple version 2.2.12, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Territorial Army - Royal Army Service Corps. Explore the history and collections of the Corps of Royal Engineers by visiting the Royal Engineers Museum in Gillingham, Kent. Sapper (d.23rd April 1941), Sharkey William Quinn. If you enjoy this site. Spr. Royal Engineers Museum. The popularity of the site means that it is far exceeding available resources. Shallow water diving capabilities were developed in  the 1950's. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Add to Basket . The National Army Museum works together with Regimental and Corps Museums across the country to help provide a network of military museums for everyone to visit and enjoy. Sappers from 21 Engineer Regiment building a bridge in Afghanistan. (d.17th Jun 1940), Robinson Robert Edward. The Corps of of Royal Engineers has a long heritage that not many  corps can rival - it can claim direct descent from the military  engineers that William the Conqueror brought to England. Royal Engineers, 181st Railway Operating Company, Royal Engineers, 192nd Docks Operating Company, Royal Engineers, 2nd/1st North Midland Field Coy, Royal Engineers, 216th Searchlight Training Unit, Royal Engineers, 219th Field Park Company, Royal Engineers, 235th Field Park Company. That commitment to ingenuity and the problem solving of practical  problems is as strong today as it has ever been and the Sappers continue  to fulfil an essential role all over the world. Price. This website is paid for out of our own pockets, library subscriptions and from donations made by visitors. The Corps of Royal Engineers performs highly specialised combat and non-combat, and is active all over the world in conflict and peacetime. Elle fait partie, avec la Royal Navy et la Royal Air Force, des Forces armées britanniques (en anglais : British Armed Forces). Want to know what life was like during the War? The Sappers taught the first Royal Navy divers. In its 900-year history the Royal Engineers has been involved in  every major conflict the British Army has fought, as well as carrying  out humanitarian roles such as providing clean water and building  schools. WW2 Royal Engineers Corps (George VI) OFFICERS Bronze Cap Badge £23.99. WW2 People's War Homepage Archive List Timeline About This Site: Contact Us: Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal in WWII by AlanJamesClark . 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards 8. Certain other military organisations, for example the transport, medical and general staff … 22 Engineer Regiment Timeline 22 Engineer Regiment has a proud history of providing engineer support to the British Army around the world. Add to Basket. Find out more The Wartime Memories Project is run by volunteers and this website is funded by donations from our visitors. The Royal Engineers took on the main task of providing them and men were specially trained pre-1914 to operate motorcycles. Spr. A Royal Engineer at War: 1940-1945, by Martyn R. Ford-Jones and Robert F.W. - Royal Engineers during the Second World War -. In August 1914 there were only two Regular and three Special Reserve RE Railway Companies. Facebook . Sort by: 99 items. Spr. We currently have a huge backlog of submissions which need to be edited for display online, if you have a good standard of written English, an interest in the two World Wars and a little time to spare online we would appreciate your help. 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays) 3. We have seen action in most major deployments since WWII. The Corps of Royal Engineers was formed in 1856 from the Royal Engineers and the Royal Sappers and Miners. Our Elle a pris part à de nombreux conflits dans l'histoire récente et à travers le monde, ceci lui conférant un grand prestige dans l'histoire militaire. Home Regiments. Royal Engineers, 140th Field Park Squadron, Royal Engineers, 141st Field Park Squadron, Royal Engineers, 153rd Railway Construction Coy. It provides military engineering and other technical support to the British Armed Forces and is headed by the Chief Royal Engineer. The Royal Engineers, or Sappers as they are known, have blazed a  trail of innovation and achievement through history. General Enquiries, Group Visits and Venue Hire 01634 822312. Deployments include Aden and Egypt in the 1950's, Northern Ireland in the 1970's, Falkland's in the 1980's and more recently Iraq and Afghanistan. If you continue without changing your browser settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Known as Sappers, the Royal Engineers are one of the Army’s six combat arms, and are trained as fighting soldiers as well as specialist combat engineers. The Royal Engineers share the mottoes Ubique and Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt with the Royal Artillery. Jones is published by Fonthill Media. Wanted: Digital copies of Group photographs, Scrapbooks, Autograph books, photo albums, newspaper clippings, letters, postcards and ephemera relating to WW2.We would like to obtain digital copies of any documents or photographs relating to WW2 you may have at home. Troops from 21 Engineer Regiment replaced an important bridge to assist the local population. James Austin Gray was a Staff Sergent in the regiment. Re: WW2 Service Records - Royal Engineers « Reply #8 on: Tuesday 22 May 12 15:37 BST (UK) » i am trying to find any information concerning my father percival brynmor (known as bryn), who served in the royal engineers from 1944-47. he saw service in egypt (port said), hong kong, india, malyia and singapore (looking after japanese pow`s). The bridge known as ‘Golden Egg’ links the main highways and local communities within the city of Gereshk in Nahr-e Saraj. The names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards 5. The corps is divided into several regiments, barracked at various places in the United Kingdom and around the world. Go to top . The term Sappers  originates from the trenches or 'saps' which engineers were employed to  build towards enemy positions to allow the placing and detonating of  explosive charges. Royal Corps of Engineers Merchandise, Royal Engineers Tie, Royal Engineers Bow Tie, Royal Engineers Braces, Royal Engineers Watch Strap, Royal Engineers Socks, Royal Engineers Belt, Royal Engineers Scarf, Royal Engineers Blazer Badge, Royal Engineers Cummerbund, Royal Engineers Beret, "Sappers" Shop, Royal Engineers Shop. Royal Engineers, 711th General Construction Company, Royal Engineers, 718th Artisan Works Company, Royal Engineers, 860 Mechanical Equipment Company, Royal Engineers, 930th Port Construction Coy, Royal Engineers, 936th Port Reconstruction and Repair Company, Royal Engineers, 954th Railway Operating Company, Royal Engineers, 966th Inland Waterway Transport Coy. He was awarded the Bronze Star for Bravery for action in Germany. to help with the costs of keeping the site running. L/Cpl. We are now on Facebook. Regiments which have numbers and/or county designations such as the 80th Foot (Staffordshire Volunteers) are known as Line Regiments. You can get a general idea by following the movements of the Division to which the Field Company belonged, here on the Long, Long Trail. La British Army (en français : « Armée britannique ») est la branche terrestre de l'Armée du Royaume-Uni.

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